About Us

Welcome to Dou Art


Meet the Patissier and Managing Director: Arshia Singh
The patissier’s inspiration:
I have always had a keen eye for anything creative and challenging, whether it be academics, painting, or baking. But my interest in baking was sparked at a very young age, when I used to be in the kitchen with my grandma while she baked cakes for each of our birthdays. I remember standing on the flimsy stool and looking over counter at what she was doing, mostly interested in licking the bowl clean of cake batter once she was done. I used to try to help her fitting my small hands into the giant gloves, putting the cake batter into the oven. This is the earliest memory I have of baking, and I had decided then that I want to share this type of art with everyone.
Our vision and mission:
We want to provide the best quality products to the people of the UAE, with all ingredients thoroughly assessed for quality. Baking is a sophisticated art which requires precision and accuracy, we want to share the taste of this art with the people of the UAE.